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Gjirafa, Inc.


Gjirafa is one of the fastest-growing tech companies (about 1200% over the last 5 years) in Central Europe (Deloitte Fast 50 2021 në CE #11), and it is built to last. Gjirafa is customer-centric, result-driven, and it has relentlessly high standards. Gjirafa’s ultimate mission is to build the internet economy in the CE region.

Gjirafa currently has over 280 employees and the number of employees has increased by more than 200% over the last 5 years. Gjirafa’s ecosystem of services encompasses e commerce, video streaming, online marketing, cloud computing, and entertainment production. Gjirafa operates in Kosovo, in Albania, and in North Macedonia.

Gjirafa is uncompromising when it comes to quality, efficiency, reliability, and affordability. People in Gjirafa are deeply enthusiastic about catering to the expectations of the customers, and delivering engaging experiences for them. Gjirafa is a platform where smart, persistent, and passionate people empower each other to transform great ideas into reality.

Together, we lead with empathy and nurture a unique environment of shared purpose which fosters innovation and collaboration. After years of hard work, investment, and exponential growth, our mission has become a responsibility. That is why we are dedicated to bold action that delivers meaningful results and improves the lives of as many people as possible.


KODE Labs develops a smart building operating platform for buildings and real estate that allows integration of all building systems, IoT sensors, and any other operational software, into a single source of truth - that is KODE OS.

KODE OS now powers hundreds of buildings in the U.S., Canada, Australia and EU by enabling autonomous operations using machine learning, fault detection, analytics and portfolio wide optimizations.

Together in US and Kosovo offices, KODE Labs Team is made of over 70 forward thinking individuals with many years of experience in smart building technology, software development, data engineering and data science.

That is KODE, and Labs is part of the name because this team is evolving KODE into a giant lab where they keep innovating solutions. Our mission is to build the most intuitive, easy to use real estate software products that enable sustainability, operational efficiency, and comfort.


In the complex world of the multifamily industry, Radix stands out as a beacon of innovation. Its name, echoing the Latin word for "root," signifies the company's commitment to providing data straight from the property's core. Radix is crafted not just as a platform, but as a transformative solution, eliminating the manual intricacies of market surveys with its groundbreaking shared data ecosystem.

Guided by a mission to revolutionize decision-making in the multifamily realm, Radix equips its users with real-time data and advanced visualization tools. Radix goes beyond just offering predictive insights; it's about prescribing actionable strategies, aiding clients amidst the ever-changing market dynamics.

At its heart, Radix is a B2B SaaS data software company, powered by a team of passionate professionals in the United States and Kosovo. Each member, bound by values of resiliency, curiosity, responsibility, impact, and courage, carries the aspiration of elevating the company to remarkable heights. While the journey of becoming a unicorn company looms in the horizon, the team remains anchored in humility, consistently prioritizing the product, clients, and the broader Radix community. Radix’s journey is not just about data delivery; it represents a steadfast commitment to excellence in the multifamily industry, blending ambition with a gentle assurance of the potential that awaits.
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