About us

What is LIFE

LIFE from Gjirafa is an education technology institute designed to build software engineers with leadership attributes.

What to Expect

LIFE is changing the way that education is delivered. Within less than a year, you can become a well-rounded developer with all the critical skills to have a long and healthy career in tech.

Free training, tools, and expertise.

The LIFE program aims to create new pathways for a diverse group of tech leaders through high-quality education with an emphasis on deep learning & hands-on experience.

Select, Train, and Employ Top 5% of future engineers with distinguished leadership potential.

To accomplish this purpose, LIFE utilizes a rigorous curriculum that is designed to equip graduates with a full suite of skills that match market demands.

Become a member of Gjirafa team and other partner companies

LIFE graduates can look forward to joining and contributing to the most exciting tech companies, including Gjirafa.

Some quick facts from the first cycle of LIFE (2022-2023)

Total Applications = 1548
(F = 469 or 30.3% and
M = 1079 or 69.7%)
Enrolled Fellows = 92
(F = 31 or 33.7% and
M = 61 or 66.3%)
Acceptance Rate = 5.9%
Graduated Fellows = 49
(F = 14 or 29% and
M = 35 or 71%)
Graduated Fellows
Profile = BackEnd = 24,
FrontEnd = 16 and
DevOps = 9
Employed Fellows = 49
(39 in Gjirafa and 10 in KODE Labs)
Over 40 instructors, lecturers, and mentors engaged
36 weeks of intensive training (May 2022 - March 2023)
1,440 total hours of workload for each participating fellow (including lectures, exercises, assignments, projects, practical work, capstone, study, assessments, etc.)

Our staff

The best instructors with local and international experiences from academia and from the industry.

Ardi Shatri

Ardi Shatri holds an MA degree in International Economic Policy Analysis from University of Westminster in London, UK. He has worked for four years in the Ministry of Economy and is now currently engaged as a program coordinator for Debate Center and Levizja FOL. Ardi has been engaged as a critical thinking and public speaking trainer since 2011 with more than 10 years of experience in providing capacity building training for high school and university fellows as well as civil society organisations, businesses and politicians

Arianit Maraj

Arianit Maraj is a cybersecurity expert and university level professor. From 2005 Arianit worked for Telecom of Kosovo. He holds a PhD in Information and Communication Engineering from Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania. In 2018, Arianit performed Postdoctoral Research Studies at Florida Institute of Technology, USA, as a Fulbright Scholar. He has published a considerable number of scientific papers in international journals and conferences

Armend Shabani

Armend Shabani is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Prishtina, Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics. He received his Ph. D. in Mathematics at the University of Prishtina in 2016, and now he is engaged as professor in BA and MA levels in mathematics and computer sciences study programs within the Department of Mathematics. Armend serves as referee for several international refereed journals, and he is also a Founder and a Managing Editor of the international journal: Enumerative Combinatorics and Applications.

Arta Misini

Arta Misini is a teaching assistant and serves as a Head of Teaching at the Faculty of Computer Science at the University of Prizren. Arta received a BSc in Computer Science - Software Design in 2016, and holds a MSc degree in Computer Science and Technologies of Communication in 2018 from University of Prizren. Currently she is pursuing her PhD studies in Computer Science at the South East European University, North Macedonia.

Blerton Abazi

Blerton Abazi holds a PhD with highest distinction (summa-cum-laude) on Cybersecurity and Information Systems from Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary. Currently, he is professor of Computer Science at UBT College. Blerton is an experienced consultant on cybersecurity, digital transformation, system development, network architecture, data protection, information security policies and network management. Besides academia, he is engaged as consultant for several EU funded projects in the field of ICT on national and international level.