An Exceptional Educational Experience
Intensive training
LIFE aims to accelerate leadership development in an engineering context through a comprehensive curriculum that instills the technical skills that are needed to create remarkable products for customers and the capabilities that are required to lead in the competitive tech industry.

The immersive LIFE program will consist of 9 months of intensive training structured in four periods which compound to a total of 36 weeks of instruction. Throughout the course of the program, fellows will be engaged on a full-time basis (approx. 40h/week).

9 months / 36 weeks

of intensive training structured

40 hours / week

Fellows engaged full-time

LIFE offers the finest integrated engineering and leadership educational opportunity and best career options for genuinely exceptional fellows.

The distinctively unique and dynamic curriculum will provide for an interdisciplinary learning experience that bridges the gap between technical and management disciplines. Fellows also benefit from a stimulating learning environment with outstanding mentorship, instruction, and collaboration.

Subject-matter experts will cover a wide range of engineering topics to provide fellows with a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise. In addition to engineering instruction, fellows will also receive customized training in the leadership domain.

This includes the cultivation of career-ready capabilities that are necessary to become effective in high-performance work cultures. Amongst others, fellows will master critical communication, management, and strategic skills. The instruction will be conducted in a hybrid format. A preference will be applied for online sessions, but interested fellows may also participate in-person lectures.

All LIFE records will be stored in digital format, including information from admissions, registration, schedules, learning materials, transcripts, internal and external communications.

LIFE will function through its own official online platform and School Management System (SMS) tailored to its particular needs. In addition, LIFE will utilize a Learning Management System (LMS) for online learning purposes.


Period I - Foundational (12 Weeks)
• Algorithms and Data Structures
• Architecture and Operating Systems
• CS50
• Databases
• Mathematics for Computer Science
• Network Management and Security
• Object Oriented Programming
• Business and Leadership
• High Profile Guest Speakers
Weeks 1-12
Period II
Period III
Period IV


The status of LIFE fellows’ Rights and Obligations is governed by legal document: Contract with LIFE.

All LIFE fellows attend the program free of charge.
All LIFE fellows are assigned a prospective employer by the Job Match Framework.
The assigned LIFE Employer Network company covers all tuition costs for LIFE fellows and presents an employment offer contingent upon the completion of the program.
LIFE fellows commit to working for their match company for a minimum period of 2 years.
Should any LIFE graduate decide not to work for the Employer Network companies, LIFE graduate will be able to pay the full costs of the LIFE program instead.

Program Commencement:
November 2023

Program Conclusion:
September 2024